We try to build long-lasting relationships with our partners.
Our core principle - making the effort to build strong and
trustworthy relationships is critical in order to remain in the market.

Rogerbang B.V.- grain trading company is an exporter of agricultural products, as well as equipment and textile products. Our team consists of highly qualified personnel and delivers excellent services.
We provide a wide range of agricultural commodities to global markets.
The company's strategy is to offer our customers a range of cereal products, an agricultural technique and textile that meets their specific conditions. Our solutions are tailor-made and we focus on
purchasing and selling equipments and crops.
 We respond quickly to unexpected challenges. Whether it's shipping, purchasing or service, we understand that the timely resolution of any issues means satisfied customers. We view our customers as more than simply business partners, but treat and support them as we would family members and friends. 
We have the capacity to store 50,000 tons of crops at a time, and we provide drying and cleaning services for each plant.
And we can compensate for purchased plant protection products in return for its crops.

The exclusivity of our company is based on the knowledge of our practice and the needs of our customers
in the field of agriculture.

Our team

The management and staff of Rogerbang B.V. have a wealth of knowledge and experience,
gained through working within the industry for many years.
With our expertise to provide advice on the latest product ranges, supported by our experience and ability to provide a first-class service by our fully trained and equipped technicians on the most up to date machinery combined with our extensive stock of parts, we are ready to provide a fully comprehensive service to all of our customers.
Our support staff is here to ensure that every customer has a positive experience at our company.
We believe every interaction is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our credibility to our clients.

Agricultural products wholesale

As a wholesale distributor of agricultural food products and a warehouse, we supply a wide range of agricultural products for the production of quality food products in such a way as to save our customers time and money.
Our goal is to help you grow your business and satisfy your customers. Our values are what drives our product choices and we choose the products in our range and suppliers very carefully. We aim to sell only the highest quality products and every product has to meet our strict quality standards by carefully evaluating the ingredients and their nutritional value, appearance, safety to humans, animals and the environment, their origin and source and much more.
We source local and international natural products from farmers we know and partners we trust and build meaningful relationships with those around us.
To deliver the products in a safe manner at customer's end, we have exceptional warehouse management system. We have a voluminous warehouse, installed with all required facilities essential for safe storage of the orders. Due to our strict packaging guidelines, we ensure that the packaging is done using quality packaging material. We have an advanced packaging system and we use only high quality materials for ensuring complete safety during warehousing and transportation.
We value our clients and endeavor to not only foresee their demands but also provide world class services along with products. Contact us directly on our email, for us to provide you with the all products spec and quote.


Selling grains and pulses is a competitive business because of the vast offer of commercial commodities which have been traditionally traded. In general, grains and pulses that are organic or fair trade certified are very attractive for niche markets. The special attributes of niche products offer exporters the possibility to gain market share and attract specific consumer groups. Each product category within Grains & Pulses has its own quality requirements. Buyers and consumers are very stringent and expect the product to comply with quality and safety standards. The presence of contaminants such as pesticide residues, heavy metals and aflatoxins present an especially large hurdle for imports, and both the competent authorities and private operators exercise strict controls. 

We are sure that we can supply the level of quality as expected by our buyer and as agreed in the sales contract.

Full range of new farm equipment:

Our company offers:
Harvesters and strippers (bean harvesters, beet harvesters, carrot harvesters, grain harvesters, corn harvesters, forage or silage harvesters, grape harvesters, over-the-row mechanical harvesters for harvesting apples, potato harvesters, potato spinners/diggers, sugarcane harvesters);  tractors (two-wheel tractors, tracked tractors); cultivators (power tillers, rotary tillers, mulch tillers);  plows (various specialized types), harrows (spike harrows, drag harrows, disk harrows); stone / rock / debris removal implements (rock windrowers / rock rakers, stone pickers); liquid manures/slurry spreaders and liquid manures fertilizer spreaders (e.g. slurry tanker), dry manure spreaders, sprayers, trailed sprayers for orchards and vineyards, drip irrigators/micro spray heads, sprinkler systems;
products sorters, color sorters, density sorters, diameter sorters, shape sorters, weight sorters; 
grain carts (with built in grain auger), conveyor belts, cotton pickers, farm trucks, grain dryers, mowers, wagons (e.g. silage trailers, grain hopper trailers and lighter, two-wheeled carts).


Agricultural navigation systems

Our company presents a new kind of navigation systems for agricultural machines. The focus is on trajectory control where a Nonlinear Model Predictive path tracking for tractor and trailer system is presented. The agricultural objective is to drive so that swaths are exactly side-by-side, without overlapping or gaps. It is difficult to control the lateral position of the towed implement and to keep it close to the adjacent driving line. The adjacent driving line is recognized locally by using a 2D laser scanner. The sufficient accuracy requirement is at most 10cm lateral error at a speed of 12km/h. Our specialists are ready to help you to adapt the system to different kinds of agricultural machines.




Protective textile and workwear

Rogerbang B.V. supplies the farm & agriculture clothing range as part of our commitment to providing this sector with high quality affordable workwear specific to the needs of the job & conditions.
Working in agriculture can mean many things. This could be tasks such as milking or ploughing all the way up to financial and managerial work, there is a mix of everything in this industry. ​Choice of clothing can make a real difference to the working day as comfort, ease of movement and practicality are very important. To reflect this diversity in work, our range of agricultural workwear is designed to be useful at all kind of activity.

Whatever type of clothing you want, you’ll find it in our huge product range. And if you would like some advice in choosing what’s best for you, our expert and friendly staff are ready to help you.



Knitted windshield constructed from a commercial grade of U.V. stabilized yarn are often used to protect crops & structures from wind damage. Air exhaust deflection fabrics are otherwise most useful in odor control. These are often seen in swine and dairy house production. Wind protection fabric is available in a variety of aesthetically pleasing colors so structures won’t by an eyesore on the farm


Overalls, jackets, trouser...
An extensive range of overalls for men or women will keep your clothes clean while in the workshop or work site. The features vary from breathable fabric and elasticated cuffs & ankles to a foldaway hood and multi-pockets, giving a lot of options to choose from. The work overalls range has an array of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Whether you're working outdoors or travelling between jobs, keep warm and dry with a work jacket. Quality materials from top trade brands will ensure you are protected from cold weather conditions whilst retaining style and functionality, though lightweight options are available for summer months. Features of work coats include multi pockets, adjustable hoods and a relaxed fit design.

Look great and stay safe on site with a range of the top trade branded workwear trousers to choose from. Some of the best industry brands offer trousers with some fantastic features to keep you comfortable during your working day - knee pad trousers are available to give you an extra protection for your knees, hardwearing and durable cargo work trousers offer quality and longevity, when most of work pants also offer multi pockets and reinforced knees.




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